Thursday, November 6, 2014

Atkins Recipes

Recipes for Low Carb Wraps


Today (November 3rd) is National Sandwich Day, which sounds like the kind of holiday that low carb dieters would want to avoid like the plague, but that shouldn’t be the case.  Those who follow low carb diets can eat all sorts of sandwiches, including low carb wraps.  Here are a number of low carb wrap recipes that you can enjoy on National Sandwich Day:

This sandwich is simple to make and delicious.  With roast beef, Cheddar cheese, red onions, peppers, tomatoes and lettuce all complimented by horseradish sauce, ketchup and mayonnaise, this low carb wrap is ideal for National Sandwich Day.  The roast beef wrap has 11.9 net carbs per serving and is recommended for those following Phases 3 or 4 of the Atkins diet.

For a change of pace, try these lettuce wraps, which feature a flavorful chicken salad and crisp Bibb lettuce.  The chicken salad is made with celery, mayonnaise, mustard, parsley and chicken breast and is topped with radishes and paprika.  Because these wraps are made with lettuce instead of tortillas, individuals following any of the Atkins phases can indulge in Chicken Salad Wraps.  This low carb wrap recipe has 0.8 net carbs per serving.

For another take on the lettuce wrap, enjoy this low carb wrap, which is make with roast beef, provolone cheese, red bell pepper, lettuce, mayonnaise and horseradish.  This recipe is also approved for those who are currently following any of the phases of the Atkins diet.  With only 3.3 net carbs per serving, these roast beef wraps will fit into your diet easily.

Another delicious way to celebrate National Sandwich Day would be to eat this Bacon-Egg Flatout Salad Wrap.  Bacon and egg are two ingredients that pair perfectly with one another, so why not try this wrap?  The Bacon-Egg Salad Wrap is appropriate for individuals following Phases 3 or 4 of the Atkins diet, and the recipe has 8.6 net carbs per serving.

Those who are following a low carb diet shouldn’t feel like they’re missing out on anything.  That’s why Atkins makes sure to create a variety of recipes, like the low carb wrap recipes above.  Enjoy National Sandwich Day!