Saturday, October 11, 2014

THE PROGRAM: PHASE 3 Supporting You During This Phase

Here are some FAQs that you may encounter during Phase 3:

Q. How do I know when I’ve reached the right weight for me?

A. There is no single right or wrong weight. Your body type, age, hormonal status, activity level, and genetics all play a role. It’s possible you may be able to achieve a lower weight, but if it’s a struggle to maintain it, you may want to accept that being 5 or even 10 pounds heavier is where your body naturally wants to be. Again, inches count as much as pounds. As you tone your abdominals and other muscles with regular physical activity, your body will appear slimmer. When you come to a point where you’re comfortable with your weight at this time in your life, that’s the place to remain.

Q. Can I eat any low-carb product when I’m in Phase 3?

A. In Phase 1, you can have low-carb foods with Net Carb counts of 3 grams per serving; that increases to 6 grams per serving in OWL, and to 9 grams in this phase. In Lifetime Maintenance, the number rises to 10 grams or more, assuming your carb tolerance allows.

Q. Can I have more than one or two glasses of wine now that I have reached my goal weight?

A. Yes, if it doesn’t cause weight gain or leave you vulnerable to overeating the snack foods that often accompany alcohol. A general recommendation is a single glass for women and up to two for men, but you know your own tolerance. If you regain weight or lose control, drop back to a single glass or none. Also continue to avoid high-carb beer and mixers made with added sugar.

Q. Why am I experiencing cravings I haven’t had for months?

A. There are two possible explanations. Either you’re simply eating too many carbs and not burning primarily fat for energy anymore (remember, fat burning suppresses your appetite) or you’ve reintroduced a food or food group that’s spiking your blood sugar. Fruit may be the culprit, particularly if you’re not accompanying it with fat or protein to moderate the impact on your blood sugar. Cut back by 10 grams of Net Carbs a day and eliminate the foods you’re added recently. Then reintroduce them slowly, one by one, to find out which ones are creating cravings.

Q. How can I tame my sweet tooth?

A. There are two approaches: satisfy it or eliminate it. Satisfy your sweet tooth with acceptable substitutes, such as an Atkins Endulge bar. If you’re able to have such treats without overdoing them and without causing cravings, fine. If not, eliminate any foods that may be triggering cravings for sweets until you get the situation under control.

Q. What desserts can I have in this phase?

A. In addition to Endulge bars, plus the berries, cherries, and melon you started to eat in Phase 2, you can have almost any other fruit, as well as other desserts with no added sugar and no more than 9 grams of Net Carbs.