Thursday, October 16, 2014

THE PROGRAM: PHASE 4 What You Can Eat in this Phase

The name Lifetime Maintenance says it all. This is not so much a phase as a permanent lifestyle. Pre-Maintenance is designed to make the transition from Phase 3 to [the so-called] Phase 4 practically seamless, so you should have no fears about moving on once your goal weight is stable. First of all, the Acceptable Foods for Phase 3 are the same as those for Phase 4. Of course, you may not have reintroduced all the foods you’ll try in the months and years to come, but as long as you’re alert to the potential of any individual food to cause weight regain, cravings, unreasonable hunger or any of the other symptoms of carb intolerance, you know what to do. As long as you comply with the program and stick to your ACE—which may require some modifications as you get older or make some lifestyle changes—you’ll be able to maintain your healthy new weight and say goodbye to on-again, off-again diets once and for all. 

Starchy Vegetables*Serving SizeNet Carbs
Acorn Squash½ cup10.0
Carrots¾ cup10.2
White Potatoes½ cup13.9
Yams½ cooked9.6

Legumes*Serving SizeNet Carbs
Black Beans½ cup12.9
Chickpeas½ cup16.2
Great Northern Beans½ cup12.5
Kidney Beans½ cup11.6
Lentils½ cup12.1
Lima Beans½ cup14.2
Navy Beans½ cup18.1
Pinto Beans½ cup11.0

FruitServing SizeNet Carbs
Apple½ of whole8.7
Banana1 small21.2
Cherries¼ cup4.2
Grapefruit½ of whole7.9
Grapes¼ cup7.1
Guava1 medium5.8
Mango¼ cup6.3
Peach1 whole8.9
Plum1 whole7.6
Watermelon½ cup5.2

Grains*Serving SizeNet Carbs
Oatmeal½ cup10.6
Pasta (whole wheat)¼ cup8.3
Rice (brown)¼ cup10.3
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